Highly efficient crosslinking additives


All products in the product family TAC/TAICROS® are triazine structures based on our base material cyanuric chloride. The trade name “TAICROS®” was developed for the products launched after 2000 starting with TAICROS® without suffix standing for Triallyl isocyanurate, followed by TAICROS® TMT (Trimercapto triazine).


Both, TAC (Triallyl cyanurate, CAS no. 101-37-1) and TAICROS® (TAIC = tri-allyl-iso-cyanurate, CAS no. 1025-15-6) are trifunctional monomers with versatile applications. At the allyl double bonds typical addition reactions like epoxidations, brominations, hydroformulations a.o. as well as radical-induced polymerizations and crosslinking reactions with quite a number of monomers and polymers can be carried out.

TAC and TAICROS® are mainly used as crosslinking additives in peroxide or electron beam induced crosslinking of rubber and plastic materials providing the following advantages:

  • Improvement of crosslinking efficiency
  • Improvement of thermal stability and aging properties
  • Low compression set and improved chemical resistance of rubber materials
  • Improved hot set behavior and increased thermal and chemical resistance of plastic materials
  • Increased cure speed and improved transparency of EVA encapsulants for solar modules


TAICROS® TMT (Trimercapto triazine, CAS no. 638-16-4) is an environmentally friendly crosslinker for epichlorohydrine rubber (ECO).