Improve the crosslinking efficiency.

TAC and TAICROS® are used for

  • Flexible pipes, hoses and heat shrink tubes for automotive, train or aerospace applications
  • Gaskets and sealings for automotive and chemical industry applications
  • Foams and damping materials for shoe soles, sport equipment and insulation applications
  • Cable insulations for automotive, aerospace and marine applications
  • Electrical and electronic components for automotive and electronic devices
  • Optical lenses and speciality glasses
  • Adhesives
  • Coatings with high chemical resistance
  • Solar module encapsulants

Why using TAC and TAICROS®

The advantage of using TAC and TAICROS® as coagents in peroxide or electron beam induced crosslinking is their ability to improve the crosslinking efficiency. This is advanatgeous in two directions. On one hand TAC or TAICROS® can be added on top of the regular peroxide concentration to increase the crosslinking density and improve all properties aligned with this. On the other hand, a part of the peroxide can be replaced by TAC or TAICROS® to reduce the disadvantages associated with the peroxide like volatile or toxic byproducts or blooming without a reduction of crosslinking degree. In cases where more expensive peroxides are required TAC and TAICROS® also help to reduce cost.