Dynasylan® 6490

Dynasylan® 6490 is a vinyl silane concentrate (oligomeric siloxane) containing vinyl and methoxy groups.

Scope of Application

A major field of application for mineral-filled compounds is the cable industry. EPDM and EVA can be processed into highly filled cable compounds through the adhesion promoting and hydrophobising effect of Dynasylan® 6490. The EPDM and EVA polymers with Dynasylan® 6490 are for the halogen-free, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly flame retardant cable compounds (HFFR) based on ATH and MDH. In addition, Dynasylan® 6490 can be used in many other applications such as filler and pigment coating, dispersions etc. typical property improvements obtained by using Dynasylan® 6490 in filled polymers are: improved filler dispersion good processability significantly reduced water-uptake excellent balance between tensile strength and elongation at break at a high level improved chemical resistance strongly reduced tendency to stress cracking higher impact strength higher abrasion resistance