Dynasylan® 6598

Dynasylan® 6598 is an oligomeric siloxane containing vinyl, propyl and ethoxy groups.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® 6598 is excellent as an adhesion promoter in mineral-filled, peroxide-crosslinked compounds. The silicon-functional ethoxy groups of Dynasylan® 6598 hydrolyse in the presence of moisture, which is usually present on the filler surface, forming active silanol groups. The condensation of these silanol groups with hydroxyl groups on the filler surface leads to a tight chemical bond between Dynasylan® 6598 and the filler. The vinyl functional end of Dynasylan® 6598 can be coupled to the polymer in a further reaction that runs parallel to peroxide crosslinking. The propyl groups of Dynasylan® 6598 are hydrophobic and result in markedly improved electrical properties of the filled compounds, especially after exposure to water. A major field of application for mineral-filled compounds is the cable industry. EPDM and kaolin can be processed into cable compounds through the adhesion promoting and hydrophobic effects of Dynasylan® 6598. It can also be used in the manufacture of halogen-free, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly flame retardant compounds (HFFR) based on EVA or PE and ATH or MDH. In addition, Dynasylan® 6598 can be used in many other applications such as filler and pigment treatment, use in dispersions etc.