Dynasylan® AMMO

Dynasylan® AMMO is a bifunctional organosilane possessing a reactive primary amine and hydrolyzable inorganic methoxysilyl groups.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® AMMO is an important additive in many applications. Examples include: glass fiber/glass fabric composites: as a size ingredient or finish glass and metal primers foundry resins: as an additive to cold-curing phenolic and furan resins sealants and adhesives: as a primer or additive and for chemical modification mineral-filled composites: for pretreatment of fillers and pigments paints and coatings: as an additive and primer for improving adhesion to the substrate. Important product effects which can be achieved using Dynasylan® AMMO are: improved mechanical properties, for example flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and modulus of elasticity improved moisture and corrosion resistance improved electrical properties, for example dielectric constant, volume resistivity