Dynasylan® 4148

Dynasylan® 4148 is a ready-for-use silane and is soluble in water and most organic solvents.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® 4148 can be added neatly to a blend of filler or pigment and resin, or it can be used for the pretreatment of the filler or pigment. Pre-treatment of the filler or pigment is best achieved in a high-speed mixer by praying Dynasylan® 4148 into a well-agitated filler or pigment bed. In order to obtain maximum efficiency of the treated filler or pigment, a good distribution of Dynasylan® 4148 throughout the filler or pigment surface is essential. If the surface area of a filler or pigment is unknown, 1 percent by weight of Dynasylan® 4148, based on filler or pigment, is a convenient initial basis for Pre-treatment. Subsequently, the exact Dynasylan® 4148 loading should be determined empirically. Moreover, Dynasylan® 4148 can act as a lubricant and wetting agent in the glass fibre industry in combination with silane coupling agents. As a non-coupling silane, Dynasylan® 4148 can dramatically reduce the dispersion viscosity of aluminum trihydroxide and many other fillers and pigments. Because of better wetting and dispersion, outstanding filler or pigment loadings at a given viscosity can be realized with Dynasylan® 4148. Dynasylan® 4148 helps to increase pigment dispersion predominantly in aqueous media, thus leading to an enhanced gloss of a typical coating.