AERODISP® W 630 has a high solid content and slightly acidic pH value. The cationic nature of the alumina in this dispersion makes it ideal to fix dyes. Combined with fast ink absorbtion, it is well suited for high quality inkjet coatings.

Scope of Application

Applications Inkjet coatings for Film and Paper Enables the development of formulations with a high solids content Creates transparent, high gloss, microporous coatings Shortens ink drying times ("Instant Dry") Optimizes print resolution for photo quality applications Provides excellent colorant fixation (dyes and pigment based inks) Enhances rub and smudge resistance Improves water-resistance Properties Positively charged solid particles High solid content (approx. 30 %) Nano-sized primary particles Superior rheological behavior Appearance AERODISP® W 630 is a milky-white liquid