Protectosil® SC CONCENTRATE is suited for an easy-to-clean treatment of many mineral substrates.

Scope of Application

Protectosil® SC CONCENTRATE may be used on mineral building materials such as: Concrete Brick/clinker Sandstone Marble and granite Glass fibre reinforced concrete Mineral-based stucco Mineral-based paints Protectosil® SC CONCENTRATE treated porous, mineral substrates show very good water and oil repellency treated surfaces remain clean for longer times and are more easily cleaned (common liquids like coffee, coke, oils and dark liquids are easily removed) weakens the adhesion of chewing gum or posters to e.g. facades slows down the growth of microorganisms such as mold and algae helps avoid unsightly dark water streaks is highly reactive and resistant against alkali generates water-vapor-permeable, colorless impregnations no formation of sticky silicone films can be diluted using demineralized water is suited for the treatment of water repellent substrates Protectosil® SC CONCENTRATE may be used undiluted or may be diluted using demineralized water. The exact amount to be applied, suitable dilution rate and mode of application is highly depending on the porosity of the subsrate and should be determined on a small test patch. The long-term efficiency of the described effects can be varied using comparable products such as Protectosil® SC 30, Protectosil® SC 60 or Protectosil® SC 100. It is necessary to do a test patch before each application to determinate the exact consumption and to check the compatibility with the substrate.