Protectosil® CIT

Advanced corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforced concrete based on organofunctional silanes.

Scope of Application

Low viscous, colorless to yellowish liquid > 98 % active ingredient Solvent free pH of 11 The whole concrete surface including existing repairs should be treated with undiluted Protectosil® CIT. Several consecutive coats should be applied. Protectosil® CIT dramatically reduces the chloride induced corrosion of steel concrete reinforcement via reaction of active material with the cement phase and the steel surface repassivates steel rebars after chloride induced corrosion meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 is highly reactive and resistant to alkaline environment forms colorless and water vapour permeable impregnations high reduction of water uptake and of chloride uptake is applied undiluted to a concrete surface and is absorbed quickly penetrates deeply into the concrete is suited for old and new structures is suited for every type of steel reinforced concrete is effective in marine environments with high relative humidity and areas where deicer salts are used such as jetties, piers, decks, facades, balconies, walkways, bridge decks, beams, columns effectively inhibits macrocell (mat-to-mat) and microcell (along rebar) corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete reduces corrosion in carbonated concrete steel-reinforced structures equalizes the differences in electrochemical potential between polymer concrete and existing concrete when applied to concrete structures repaired with polymer concrete Can be used according to principles 1, 2, 8 and 11 of EN 1504-9 The concrete surface must be clean. All traces of dirt, dust, efflorescence, mold, grease, oil, asphalt, laitance, paint, coatings, curing compounds, and other foreign materials that would inhibit penetration have to be removed. Acceptable cleaning methods include shotblasting, sandblasting, waterblasting, grinding, and chemical cleaning.