Dynasylan® PTEO

Dynasylan® PTEO, an alkyltrialkoxysilane is important component in sol-gel systems.

Scope of Application

In some sol-gel applications Dynasylan® PTEO is partially hydrolyzed to form a preproduct that can be further crosslinked using temperature. This pre-hydrolysis often is done in conjunction with other organofunctional silanes, silicic acid esters or even an a aqueous silica sol. This pre-product can be modified even further by addition of organic resins or inorganic nanoparticles such as AEROSIL®. It is also possible to construct an inorganic/organic network by adding silanes containing organofunctional groups (e.g. aminopropyl groups) and organic resins. The mixture is then cured using standard organic methods. In this way it is possible to obtain mar resistant coatings having a higher UV-stability than traditional organic coatings. This can also lead to more flame resistant materials than using traditional resins. Dynasylan® PTEO reacts slower with water than Dynasylan® PTMO and often a hydrolysis catalyst (mineral acids or ammonia, or even acetic acid and amines) must be added to hydrolyze at appreciable rates. Hydrolysis can also be furthered by adding a cosolvent such as ethanol.