Dynasylan® VTMOEO

Dynasylan® VTMOEO is a bifunctional organosilane possessing a reactive vinyl group and a hydrolyzable 2-methoxy-ethoxy-silyl group.

Scope of Application

1. Adhesion promotion Dynasylan® VTMOEO acts as an adhesion promoter for various mineral-filled polymers improving their mechanical and electrical properties, especially after exposure to moisture. Once bonded to an inorganic filler, Dynasylan® VTMOEO hydrophobises the filler surface. This effect improves the compatibility of fillers with the polymer matrix, leading to a better dispersibility, reduced melt viscosity and easier processing of filled plastics. The principle of the adhesion promotion is shown below: 2. Dynasylan® VTMOEO as co-monomer for polymer dispersions Polymer dispersions (e.g. styrene acrylics), modified with Dynasylan® VTMOEO show improved adhesion strenghth in wet conditions and wet scrub resistance. 3. Other applications Dynasylan® VTMOEO can also be used as additive in organic coatings to improve adhesion on inorganic surfaces (metals, glass, ceramic surfaces), as well as for surface treatment of inorganic pigments.