Protectosil® WS 700 P

Paste-like impregnation based on silane chemistry for the hydrophobation of dense building materials especially alkaline substrates such as concrete.

Scope of Application

Protectosil® WS 700 P is suited for the hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, mineral substrates shows very high reactivity and resistance against alkali shows optimum penetration even in dense mineral substrates shows no formation of sticky silicone films gives invisible and water vapor permeable protection reduces significantly the uptake of water reduces the uptake of water soluble pollutants protects hair like cracks of up to 0,3 mm serves as a chemical dampf proofing agent (applied by injection) is applied undiluted has a long contact time with the substrate due to its paste-like consistency thus allowing for very high penetration depth, reducing loss of material by run-offs, and facilitating overhead applications Protectosil® WS 700 P is used undiluted. The exact amount of Protectosil® WS 700 P to be applied is highly depending on the absorbance and humidity of the substrate. Do not apply too much product since material could get lost by run-offs or shiny or speckled surfaces could result. To determine the exact amount to be applied it is recommended to do a small test patch first. The substrates to be treated should be dry and clean. Acceptable surface cleaning methods include sandblasting and water blasting. It has to be ensured that the substrate has not just dried out in the areas close to the surface. After direct exposure to water or saturation of the capillaries an adequate drying time has to be provided. The application of Protectosil® WS 700 P in direct, intensive sunlight may result in increased run-offs. Damages such as cracks >0,3 mm or delaminations have to be repaired. Conditions during the application of Protectosil® WS 700 P: temperature of substrate and environment: 5 to 40 °C rel. humidity of substrate: < 75% rel. humidity of air: < 85% wind speed: < 10 m/s (or max. 6 Beaufort)