Dynasylan® MKS

Dynasylan® MKS is a silicic acid ester based binder, excellent for the formulation of one-pack systems. Zinc dust paints formulated in this manner have an excellent shelf life in the absence of moisture.

Scope of Application

Indications for Use Basic media accelerate hydrolysis and condensation of silicates. Such systems can be stored well under exclusion of moisture. Dynasylan® MKS contains an aminic curing agent. The zinc pigment can be added to the binder without a reaction if moisture is rigorously excluded. After application of the ready-made zinc dust paint, hydrolysis and condensation of the binder will then proceed rapidly under action of ambient humidity. The paint will cure to a hard coating. Temperature and huimidity are important parameters for the curing process. Appropriate formulation of the paint and careful application this system will lead to outstanding results.