Dynasylan® MEMO

Dynasylan® MEMO is a methacrylfunctional silane that can be used as adhesion promoter, surface modifier, co-monomer for polymer synthesis and crosslinker.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® MEMO is used as adhesion promoter in application such as: a constituent of glass fiber sizes (glass fiber fillers for unsaturated polyester resins and polyolefins) a finish for glass fabrics used in unsaturated polyester resins as a surface modifier for pigments and fillers for thermosets (unsaturated polyester, MMA), thermoplastics (polyesters and polyolefins)and elastomers as an additive for filled, peroxide-crosslinked elastomers as an additive for casting resins (unsaturated polyester, MMA) Dynasylan® MEMO is either applied to the inorganic substrate as a pretreatment by dipping, spraying, or coating or it may be added directly to the resin matrix (additive process). For pretreatment, the silane may be used neat dissolved in an organic solvent dissolved in a mixture of organic solvent and water for partial hydrolysis completely hydrolyzed in aqueous solution. To prepare an aqueous pretreatment solution, approx. 1-5 wt.% Dynasylan® MEMO is dissolved in water that has been adjusted to pH 3-4 with acetic acid. The solution will turns clear when the silane has fully hydrolyzed. The clear solution of Dynasylan® MEMO hydrolysate must be used within 1-2 days, if it turns cloudy again it may no longer be used. In the additive process, Dynasylan® MEMO is mixed with the resin or polymer before or together with the filler. A prerequisite for this method is compatibility of the silane with the resin since the silane must not react prematurely with the resin.