Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR EC

Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR EC is an one-component user-friendly coating system for smooth surfaces such as glass and glazed ceramic.

Scope of Application

The consumption Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR EC depends on the application method, mostly about 30 - 50 ml/m² are sufficient. Product Properties and Benefits to the User Treatment of windshields: Better visibility in the rain, particularly on throughways and rural roads In winter: obviates time-consuming de-icing In summer: insect splatter easier to remove Easy-to-clean glass components of shower stalls, sanitary ceramics: Lime and soap residues easy to remove Aggressive cleaning agents are not needed. A wet cloth is generally sufficient. Easy-to-clean surfaces on other glass objects (e.g. greenhouses, canopies, skylights, etc.): The cleaning cycle is extended. Less cleaning agent is needed. Dirt is easier to remove. Use on Smooth Inorganic Surfaces (e.g. Glass, Ceramic) Application Procedure: Do not apply the product at temperatures below 10 °C! Do not expose surfaces to be treated to sunlight! Make sure that the surface is not hot. Provide adequate ventilation and fresh air! Before application the surface has to be cleaned! The optimum temperature for the treatment is 15-25 °C. Step 1: Cleaning the SurfaceIn order to permit sufficient chemical bonding of Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR EC to the substrate, the surfaces have to be carefully cleaned before the application. The long-term stability and abrasion resistance of the coating depends on how well Dynasylan® SIVO CLEAR EC is chemically bonded. The surfaces to be treated can be cleaned with a commercial glass cleaner. After that they should be polished until the surface is dry. For an optimum pre-treatment of the surface, especially for automotive glass, we recommend an abrasively cleaning with a 30 % aqueous cerium oxide* slurry. The slurry should be shaken thoroughly before use. The cerium oxide slurry can be applied with a cotton cloth or paper towel and should be polished uniformly as a thin liquid film for several minutes. Subsequently, the film is allowed to dry. * Supplier: Cerium oxide, 99% pure (corn size 2-3 m m); AUER-REMY GMBH, Baumwall 5, D-20459 Hamburg, Telephone: 0049-(0)40-36 90 01-0 or Goldmann