Protectosil® WS 610

Protectosil® WS 610 is an organofunctional siloxane based waterborne emulsion with almost no volatile organic components (VOC). Protectosil® WS 610 is used for water proofing of mineral building materials.

Scope of Application

As hydrophobic agent for mineral building materials especially facades with high porosity e.g. mineral rendering sand-lime brickwork hard-baked brickwork roofing tiles concrete surfaces Product characteristics after application water vapor permeable, colorless waterproofing with surface beading no formation of a sticky silicone film effective on micro cracks up to 0.3 mm high reduction of water absorption high water repellent effect and good penetration in absorbent mineral building materials Instructions for use: Substrates should be dry and clean prior to application to ensure deep penetration of the water repellent. Avoid application during strong wind or rain. It is not possible to apply Protectosil® WS 610 on a painted surface, as the mineral groups of the substrate must be accessible for the product to create a strong bonding, which is essential for good long-term performance. Due to its high water content, the impregnating solution is sensitive to frost and cannot be applied at sub-freezing temperatures. Outside temperature and surfaces temperature should be above 5 °C. Protectosil® WS 610 should be applied using low pressure pumping equipment with a wet fan type spray nozzle. Do not apply to a wet or damp substrate. On vertical surfaces apply the Protectosil® WS 610 in a flooding application, so the material runs down 15-20 cm (6 to 8 inches) below the spray pattern. On horizontal surfaces the liquid material should pond on the surface at least 5 seconds before being absorbed. A test patch should be applied to the substrate to verify coverage rate and application conditions. Protect glass, metal, plastic, and other nonporous substrates from overspray.