Protectosil® 266

Silane water-repellent for masonry.

Scope of Application

For waterproofing absorbent mineral facade construction materials such as: plaster facades sand-lime brickwork brickwork autoclaved aerated concrete cement fiber board The substrates to be treated should be air-dry and clean in order to ensure deep penetration of the active ingredient. During application the outside temperature and the temperature of the substrate should be within the range from 5 to 40 °C. The material should not be applied if there is a strong wind or if it is raining. The material must not come into contact with water either before or during use. Protectosil® 266 can be applied at full-strength or after dilution with suitable solvents. We recommend a minimum application concentration of 20% by weight (which corresponds to 1 part Protectosil® 266 and 4 parts solvent). Product Characteristics: watervaporpermeable, colorless impregnation not film-forming effective on hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm good reduction of the water absorption good penetration suitable as a primer for facade topcoat frost resistant