Protectosil® 60 SK

High performance water-repellent with water beading effect for masonry

Scope of Application

Protectosil® 60 SK is suitable for waterproofing porous mineral building materials, such as concrete, sand limestone, clinker masonry and mineral based natural stone. An excellent beading effect develops a short time after application. Product Properties low volatility high reactivity very good beading effect water vapor-permeable, colorless impregnation seals hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm considerably reduces absorption of water and damaging water-borne salts (e.g. chlorides) high alkali resistance Directions for use: Untreated substrates should be air-dry and clean in order to ensure deep penetration of the active ingredient. During application the outside temperature as well as the substrate's temperature should be between 5 and 40 °C. The material should not be applied during strong wind or if is raining. The material must not come into contact with water either before or during use. All surfaces must be cleaned to remove all traces of dirt, dust, efflorescence, mold, salt, grease, oil, asphalt, laitance, curing compounds, paint, coatings and other foreign materials. Acceptable surface cleaning methods include sandblasting, water blasting and chemical cleaners. Protectosil® 60 SK cannot be applied to a painted surface. The mineral groups of the substrate must be accessible for the product to create a strong bonding, which is essential for good long-term performance. Protectosil® 60 SK should be applied using low pressure pumping equipment with a wet fan type spray nozzle. Do not apply to a wet or damp substrate. On vertical surfaces apply the Protectosil® 60 SK in a flooding application, so the material runs down 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) below the spray pattern. On horizontal surfaces the liquid material should pond on the surface for at least 5 seconds before being absorbed. A test patch should be applied to the substrate to verify coverage rate and application conditions. Protect glass, metal, plastic and other nonporous substrates from over spray Protectosil® 60 SK will not etch glass, but will leave a residue on nonporous surfaces. The material must not be atomized. Protectosil® 60 SK can be applied at full-strength or after dilution with suitable solvents. We recommend a minimum application concentration of 10% by weight (which corresponds to 1 part Protectosil® 60 SK and 9 parts solvent). It is not recommended to use the product at full-strength on concrete. Here it is of advantage to use dilution rates ranging from 1:3 up to 1:9.