Dynasylan® SIVO 110

Dynasylan® SIVO 110 is a multifunctional, basically VOC-free, water-borne sol-gel system.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® SIVO 110 is suited as binder component in temperature crosslinking sol-gel coatings and sol-gel - based hybrid coatings. Dynasylan® SIVO 110 coatings boast of: high hardness (“Bleistifthärte“ up to 5H, depending on formulation) excellent scratch and mar resistance superior stability in boiling water (Gt0 upon 2 h treatment in water at 100 °C) very good adhesion on various substrates very good adhesion towards organic top coats (e.g. epoxies) sound flexibility (“Dornbiegeprüfung“ according to DIN EN ISO 1519: 2 mm) very low thickness of formed layers (recommendation: dry layer of < 2 µm) excellent resistance against solvents and other chemicals Recommended areas of application: corrosion resistant primer systems transparent sol-gel top coats which exhibit a temperature resistance of up to 220 °C coatings comprising high hardness, which can be additionally improved by introduction of up to 20 wt.-% silica sol transparent easy-to-clean sol-gel - top coats upon adding Dynasylan® SIVO 112