AEROSIL® R 805 is a high thickening fumed silica surface treated with OCTMO.

Scope of Application

Properties Homogeneously hydrophobic surface Effective in the rheological control of complex liquid systems (such as paint and coating systems, adhesive and sealant materials) Efficient effect as flow agent Fine particle size Applications Very efficient effect in thickening and thixotropy of complex polar liquids such as 2 K epoxy coatings Anti-settling agent and for pigment stabilization in coating applications The hydrophobia guarantees the efficient effect as flow agent in very different applications, such as powder coatings, toners, or cosmetics Rheology control for brilliant clear coat and top coats, such as acrylic/isocyanate coating formulations Enhances the anti-corrosion properties for coatings The hydrophobia makes the product suitable as an additive in anti-corrosion coatings