AEROSIL® RX 200 is a hydrophobic fumed silica aftertreated with organosilane (HMDS) with a medium specific surface. Which has a negative electrostatic charge and provides efficient free flow aid for toners and dry powders in general. This product is applied to reduce the moisture pick-up behaviour of dry powders. This product is also effective as a rheology controling agent in complex liquid systems.

Scope of Application

Applications Adhesives and Sealants Defoamer Paints and Coatings Plastics, Constructions & Technical Powders Silicone Toner Properties Negative electrostatic charge and provides a high charge stability to toners Highly efficient and easy-to-dispers free flow agent for dry powders in general Applied to reduce the moisture pick-up Anti-settling agent in coating systems, for the stabilization of pigments and to enhance the effect of corrosion protection Efficient anti-setting and rheology control agent in complex liquid systems High dispersity