AERODISP® W 925 is a dispersion based on AEROXIDE® Alu 130, Evonik's highest surface area fumed aluminum oxide. It is stabilized at a pH value of 4. Many applications can utilize the positive surface charge of the particles in this pH range.

Scope of Application

Applications Inkjet paper coatings - High gloss - High color gamuts and printing performance - Rapid ink adsorption - Water-fastness Fluorescent lighting applications- Selective UV reflector - Mercury barrier - Anorganic binder in the fluorescent coating The combination of these functions is conducive to durable and environmentally friendly bulbs. Other applications include - Ceramics- Nanocomposites Properties Positively charged particles High surface area (approx. 135 g/m2) Easy to handle Appearance AERODISP® W 925 is a liquid with low viscosity and a milky-white appearance