Aqueous dispersion of a fumed silica and a fumed mixed oxide with a high solids content and a positive zetapotential.

Scope of Application

Applications Sizing / coating pigment for inkjet paper* to enhance - Color strength (gamut and optical density)- Print uniformity (mottle & grain)- Print resolution (line growth, raggedness & blur)- Water fastness- Coefficient of friction Modification of electrophotoretically deposited metal layers Anti-slip effect in textile fibers Flocculation aid for anionic systems Properties Positively charged solid particles High solids content (approx. 30% ) Nano-sized primary particles Superior rheological behavior High formulation flexibility and ease of handling * For use in paper coating formulations with specifc binder systems, we recommend to age the product for four weeks (from date of manufacture). The date of manufacture can be found in the batch number (xxxYMMDDxx)