ACEMATT® TS 100/20

ACEMATT® TS 100/20 is an untreated thermal silica characterised by very high matting efficiency combined with high transparency. The particle size distribution in ACEMATT® TS 100/20 is slightly broader than in ACEMATT® TS 100.Thanks to the unique properties ACEMATT® TS 100/20 is particularly suitable for coating systems that are difficult to matt.

Scope of Application

Special application areas include: water-based coatings, waterborne UV coatings, clear coatings, coatings for leather and films, as well as all types of top coats. Coating formulations containing ACMATT® TS 100/20 show outstanding resistance against household chemicals.ACEMATT® TS 100/20 improves flow behavior and increases storage stability in powder coatings.