AEROSIL® R 208 is a fumed silica aftertreated with polydimethylsiloxane with excellent thickening properties.

Scope of Application

Properties: The silicone oil treatment guarantees the very marked hydrophobia of the product Very efficient effect in the thickening and thixotropy of complex polar liquids, such as those based on epoxy, polyurethane, or vinylester resins Improves the water resistance of moisture-sensitive formulations, such as cosmetic preparations Improvement of the anti-settling behavior of pigments and anti-sagging behavior in 2-C epoxy coatings. With silicone oil treatment, AEROSIL® R 208 offers a tailor-made chemical surface treatment. Due to its excellent electrical insulating ability and low water absorption, this hydrophobized, small-particle silica easily acquires and conserves electrical charge. It is therefore typically used as a surface additive for toner particles in order to increase charge and improve flowability. The high hydrophobicity of PDMS-treated, small particle AEROSIL® grades makes them particularly effective for achieving a high tribo-charge. At the same time, PDMS-treated, small particle AEROSIL® grades maintain good flowability. The slightly oily effect of the PDMS treatment provides additional benefits in some printing processes. Applications: Thickening and thixotropy control of adhesives and sealants for fiberoptic cables Thickening and thixotropy control of epoxy and vinylester resins and gelcoats Thickening and thixotropy control of cable gels, lubricants, and cosmetic formulations Booster silica for defoamer formulations Anti-sedimentation aid for fillers, such as chalk or quartz powder Additive for formulation of anti-corrosion systems Improves flowability of powders Enables achieving of a high tribo-charge