Protectosil® SC POWDER

Highly efficient, water redispersible powdery admixture for cementitious building materials to impart easy-to-clean properties.

Scope of Application

Effectiveness of Protectosil® SC POWDER The addition of Protectosil® SC POWDER reduces significantly the coefficients of capillary water and oil absorption. The following table 1 gives an overview over the possible reductions.   coefficient of capillarywater uptake[kg/m² h1/2] reduction coefficient of capillaryoil uptake[kg/m² h1/2] reduction untreated reference concrete 3,85   0,855   addition of 2 w%Protectosil® SC POWDER 0,049 99 % 0,051 94% addition of 5 w%Protectosil® SC POWDER 0,035 99 % 0,034 96% Table 1: Coefficients of capillary water and oil uptake as measured following DIN EN 13057.