Protectosil® PROFICLEAN PLUS is a very effective graffiti cleaner with a lemon like smell.

Scope of Application

Protectosil® PROFICLEAN PLUS should be homogeneously distributed over the surfaces by using a soft roller or brush (e.g. paint brush). Surfaces should be dry and temperatures should be in the range of 0 °C to 40 °C. In order to ensure well soaking of the paint and to avoid drying, the cleaner should be continously distributed over the painted surface by brushing. The recommended application rate is appr. 400 g/m2. If necessary, additional amounts of the cleaner can also be applied later on. After an exposure time of 15 - 30 minutes paint residues should be washed away by use of a high-pressure cleaner (max. 12 bar). Exposure times of more than 30 minutes are not recommended. It is necessary to ensure that the protective layer does not get damaged by high water pressure or too much mechanical stress. The described cleaning procedure should be carried out twice. Painted and lacquered surfaces, such as window frames or metal pieces, might be damaged by contact with the cleaner. It is always recommended to conduct test patches in order to avoid unwanted side effects. Shake well before use.