COUPSIL® 8113 / COUPSIL® 8113 GR

Precipitated silica, surface-modified with organosilane Si 69® for application in the rubber industry. This product is available in powdered as well as in granulated form with the extension GR.

Scope of Application

COUPSIL® 8113 / COUPSIL® 8113 GR are used as a reinforcing filler in rubber compounds. They react with unsaturated polymers during vulcanization under formation of covalent chemical bonds. This imparts greater tensile strength, higher moduli, reduced compression set, increased abrasion resistance and optimized dynamic properties.Both products are used in many fields of the rubber industry in combination with white fillers and where optimum technical properties are required. Application fields are: Low rolling resistant tires with high wet grip and low heat generation, mechanical rubber goods, shoe soles