Protectosil® WA CIT

Protectosil® WA CIT is a waterborne emulsion which is based on a multifunctional silane system specially designed to protect embedded steel rebars against corrosion caused by chlorides. As part of the concrete mix design, Protectosil® WA CIT is homogeneously distributed throughout the concrete, thereby offering an effective protection against chloride induced corrosion.

Scope of Application

Protectosil® WA CIT Chemically bonds to rebar surface and cement matrix Evectively protects embedded steel reinforcement against chloride induced corrosion Reduces the drying shrinkage of concrete Essentially free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) Protectosil® WA CIT is preferably designed for: Steel reinforced concrete Prefabricated concrete elements Two componend concrete repair mortars according to EN 1504-2 or EN 1504-7 Shotcrete Building materials which are exposed to high chloride environments, such as sea water or de-icing salts (e.g. marine constructions, harbours, parking garages, tunnel or highways)