ZEODENT® 103 – For vibrant white teeth

Our whitening expert can leave you with the freshest, brightest smiles – perfect for any consumer in the digital age.  ZEODENT® 103 is the highest cleaning Evonik silica there is for translucent and opaque gels.  Take away modern day stains like coffee and wine with this fluoride compatible ingredient which is effective at concentrations as low as 5%. Stand-alone or in combination with ZEODENT® 113 or ZEODENT® 116, leave teeth with that smooth feeling and enhanced whitening you only know from your dentist.

Scope of Application

High cleaning and whitening performance Suitable for translucent and opaque gel toothpastes High level of compatibility with sodium fluoride and other active ingredients Great cleaning and whitening when formulated alone or in combination with other Evonik silica